Quest – Easy Installation

Easy Installation on Quest 1 & 2

You no longer need to put your Quest in developer mode or use an installation tool! 

Get our app directly from the Store.

Put on the quest and go to the store

Our app is now in the Store in the App Lab.  

Search for “Virtual Goalie” exactly.  Partial searches will not work with App Lab.

"View App" under App Lab

The results at the top are similar name matches in the normal Store.

Under those results is “App Lab” with a button that says “View App.”  Click it.

Download and Install the App

Tap on the app info that pops up.

Tap on “View Details”

On the bottom right is a button to “Download”.  This will download and install Virtual Goalie.  Once it completes you can start the app from there.


Virtual Goalie is in your app list once it is installed.  Run it like any other app.