Oculus Quest combined with our software drops you into an immersive virtual field of play. Practice arcs and saves using position cues from a virtual field.  Base price $29.99 per month.  Yearly pricing available during checkout.

On the field of play, coaches tend to anecdotally identify problem areas. Virtual Goalie provides real-time data to analyze strengths and weaknesses. Shot maps show which shooting zones to work on. Save percentage by speed graphs identify shot speed  limit, to train past it.


Use Oculus Quest for training. It is a standalone platform that it not tethered to a gaming computer. This lowers the cost of ownership dramatically. 



Virtual Goalie has quite a few warmup routines. These shots don't count in your data. They are slower than your baseline and get your ready to train, or play.

Location Specific

Having trouble with a specific shot location or shot type? Work on your off hand hip saves. See a couple of thousand bouncers to learn to read them better. Whatever you need to perfect, we have a drill to help you be the best goalie on the field.

Time & Room

Step down shots test your ability to see the ball and react to it. You know where the shot is coming from. Can you make the save? We recommend "Speed Training," which incrementally increases the speed of shots beyond your limits.

Alley Dodges

Alley dodges are difficult to save. What makes it harder is that it is hard to get a lot of repetitions. In practice, you don't see enough shots over time. With friends, alley dodges are tiring and you only get a handful. Virtual Goalie never gets tired and is available any time.

Close Fakes

Statistically, close shots are gimme goals. When you see them, your defense has failed you. Regardless, we all need to see these shots to practice reading shoulders and attacking the ball.

Pass to Shoot

Body position is everything in the goal. If you are off your arc, you are going to give up more goals. Pass to shoot drills move the ball to make you work your arc before a shot.

Offense vs. Defense

In a real game, there is a lot going on. You have to work your arc as the ball moves. You have to call out the ball position. You have to navigate screens. And while all of that is happening, you have to be ready for a shot or pass inside. See 6v6 (men) and 7v7 (women) formations and get practice where you will see good shots. It's a workout!

Penalty Shots

Women have to deal with the scariest shot in lacrosse - a penalty shot. You can see rep after rep in Virtual Goalie so that you gain confidence and can stand tall on the field of play.


Shot Maps

Visually identify where you are making saves and giving up goals. Red dots are goals. Green dots are saves. The bigger the dot the faster the shot. The graph represents the goal. The left is your left while you are in the cage.

Speed Graphs

See your save percentage by speed for bouncers and non-bouncers. Over time, keep track of you curves. They should be improving!

Form Feedback

Are you dropping on low shots? Stepping to the ball? Punching your bottom hand to prevent rebounds? We slice and dice the data so you can see how you need to improve your form.