Certain athletes need to learn how to follow a high speed projectile in sports like baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and hockey. This is especially true when the projectile curves or bounces.  

What we’ve found in other sports is that players can learn to see faster projectiles by slowly increasing the speed of what they see. The athlete’s eyes track motion better, and their brain learns to predict where the ball is going.

Our Virtual Baseball Eye Training is the same concept. View more pitches at increasing speed. Learn to follow the ball with your eyes and see where it’s going.  Having trouble with a particular pitch motion?  See more of those pitches and learn to see that ball!

We recommend Oculus Quest for training. It is a standalone platform that it not tethered to a gaming computer. This lowers the cost of ownership dramatically. The new Oculus Quest 2 starts at $299.

Quest is a 6 degree of freedom device.  You can move in space.  However, for safety reasons, we do not track your hands.  You absolutely should not swing a bat while using this product.

We also support Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.


Left & Right Hand Pitches

Pitch motion changes significantly between left and right handed pitchers. See left handed pitches before you hit the field.

Pitch Types

See every pitch type. Ball spin affects the trajectory due to the Magnus effect. Work on the pitches that you need to see the most to improve your game.

Strikes & Balls

Pitches that are both strikes and balls, aimed properly given the motion of the pitch.

View As a Lefty or Righty

View pitches as a left handed or right handed batter. Switch hit? Get more visual reps to improve your game.

View as a Catcher

Catchers need to read pitches as well, or better, than batters. They see every pitch of the game, and mistakes cost your team runs. Having trouble with a curve ball? You can see hundreds of them in your own home.

Pitch Trails

Show pitch trails during the pitch, after the pitch or never.  Pitch trails are a helpful tool to start learning to follow the ball.


Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is our recommended hardware platform. The total hardware cost for Quest 2 is $299. You only need a computer to load our app onto your device.

Oculus Go / Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Goalie supports Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. Both are discontinued platforms and can only track head rotation.