Setup Virtual Goalie Account

Download Mobile App

Go to your app store and search for “Virtual Goalie.  Install the app.

Sign in or Sign up

Start the app, and either sign in or sign up.

A verification code will be emailed to the email address you supply during sign up. Once you provide it to the app you can sign in with the password you provided.

Sign in to the app.

Update your settings

  • Tap the “burger menu” on the top left.
  • Tap Settings in the menu
  • Update your settings
    • Dominant Hand. This only matters if you don’t have a stick mount
    • Baseline shot speed – what is the highest shot speed where you make 75% saves?
    • Field Type – men or women
    • Show Shot Trails – do you want to see shot trails during or after shots?
    • Ball Color – white, yellow or orange
    • Stick Type
      • Unattached Touch – no stick mount.  Use both hand controllers to control the goalie stick
      • Controller on Stick Top – Quest & Rift-S stick mounts
      • Controller on Bottom – 15/30 inch – For original Rift mounts.
  • Tap “Save” on the top right

Subscribe to Virtual Goalie

Go to the dashboard and subscribe to Virtual Goalie