Major VR Software Update

LAXCON 2019 Release

LAXCON 2019 was incredible.  We premiered our new version and the updates are exciting. 

  • Female shooters! – This has been our most requested feature.
  • Female Penalty Shots – See a penalty shot from the eights.
  • Close Fakes – The shooter will fake between 0 and 3 times before shooting.  He/She will turn their torso and bend their hips depending on where the fake or shot are aimed.
  • Alley Dodge Improvements – the running motion, hips and shots have been updated.  Shots are a random mix of overhand and sidearm.
  • Time and Room Shot Improvements – Overhand and sidearm shots have been updated.  Underhand will be updated in the next release.
  • Bug Fixes – We found some defects that needed to be addressed.
  • Easter Egg – We put an Easter egg in close fakes.  Let us know if you find it.  It will be obvious. 🙂

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