Course & Training Recommendations


Every time you train with Virtual Goalie, start with a Warmup course. The data from this
course is not stored. It is intended as a warmup only. 


The first time you use the system, you must do an Assessment course. This course has two
drills, each 100 shots. The first drill has shots going everywhere, with no bounce. The
second has shots going everywhere, bouncing. For both, the speed increases incrementally
from your baseline minus 5 MPH to your baseline plus 35 MPH. For example, if your
baseline is 65 MPH, the speeds will range from 60 to 100 MPH. (You entered your baseline
in the Settings in the app.) 

The point of this assessment is for you to collect a lot of data about your abilities. It gives
you a starting point to compare your progress over time, and provides data that gives you
insight into your ability to make saves at different speeds.

Speed Training

We highly suggest you do the Speed Training course three times per week. It is designed to
increase your ability to make saves at high speeds. It will take you out of your comfort
zone. That’s OK! The course consists of five drills, each of which increases the shot speed
incrementally from your baseline minus 5 MPH to your baseline plus 20 MPH.

Tailor Your Training

Beyond these suggestions, tailor your training routine to your needs. If you have trouble
with bounce shots, do Bouncer Training. If up close shots freak you out, do the Up Close
drill. You can also create your own drills and courses in the app to further customize your
training experience.

Have fun!

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