Bad habits goalies should not develop

Lacrosse goal-tending is a tough job. You go on runs where you save a lot of goals, then one where you’re giving up goals.

It’s the nature of the position.

When you go on a bad run of goals, believe in your training. Your form is what defines what you do as a goalie. If you lose confidence in your training and your form, all is lost.

When losing confidence, you have an important choice to make. The best players train harder and reinforce their training. Dejected players train less, guess on shots, and blame the defense.

When your confidence slips, train hard and reinforce these top four skills:

  • Attack the ball – If you’re stepping backwards on a shot, you shouldn’t be a goalie.
  • Punch your bottom hand – Don’t give up disastrous rebounds.
  • Position – Check your arcs!!! You may be confident in your arc, but you might be a foot off.
  • Get low on low shots – Whether it’s a bouncer or not, who cares?! Get low on that shot. Do not drop to your knees. Get your butt on your heels.

Make the right choice and perfect these skills and you’ll be back on top of your game.

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